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Contact Information

Activities Office 763-745-6621
Alternative Program 763-745-6608
Attendance Office 763-745-6655
Counseling Office 763-745-6630/6631
Counseling Office Fax
Detention Attendance 763-745-6703
Chemical Health Office 763-745-6988
Police Liaison Officer, David Carlson 763-745-6725
Police Liaison Officer, Steve Baloun 763-745-6726
Principal's Office, Kathy Beatty 763-745-6601
Principal, Scott Gengler 763-745-6609
Main Office/Receptionist, Polly Davidson 763-745-6600
Main Office Fax 763-745-6691
Scheduling Office, Gerrene Foley 763-745-6704
Theatre Box Office, Kristyn Nelson 763-745-6923
District Transportation Office 763-745-5197
Principal's Office Information
Principal Scott Gengler 763-745-6609
Secretary Kathy Beatty 763-745-6601
Fax   763-745-6692
1st Floor Office (A-Hal & ALC) Information
Associate Principal Tyler Shepard 763-745-6613
Dean of Students, A-Hal Kate Bennett 763-745-6676
Dean of Students, ALC Lisa Barnholdt 763-745-6614
A-Hal Secretary Stacy Segal 763-745-6706
ALC Secretary (K-12) Raquel Williamson 763-745-6608
2nd Floor Office (ALC) Information
Dean of Students, ALC Lisa Barnholdt 763-745-6614
Secretary Betsy Lovisolo 763-745-6949
Y.E.S. Coordinator Brenda Badger 763-745-6807
3rd Floor Office (Ham-Or) Information
Associate Principal Alison Gillespie 763-745-6638
Dean of Students David Ritter 763-745-6615
Secretary Ann Brattain 763-745-6707
Secretary Desha Ozell 763-745-6927
4th Floor Office (Os-Z) Information
Associate Principal Marian Boyd 763-745-6612
Dean of Students Billy Lahr 763-745-6606
Secretary Deb Berscheit 763-745-6710
Testing Secretary Deb Wiese 763-745-6709
Chemical Health Coordinator Judy Hanson 763-745-6988