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Adam Kopperud

Homework Expectations
    Homework in my classroom doesn't fit the traditional model of homework.  Students will receive homework most nights of the week, but it isn't always the paper and pencil variety.  Many nights students will be asked to simply read.  All that is asked is that parents sign the student planners, as well as verify the time spent reading and the book that was read.  In addition, students will receive a lot of homework from IXL. is a website that allows students to practice math skills from virtually every skill that is taught in 4th grade in Minnesota.  We will use this tool at school so students should have problems logging in and navigating the site.  Some nights, I may assign a certain skill that matches what we're working on.  Other nights, students may have a few options of what skills they want to practice.  The time expected in a given night for IXL is 30-40 minutes.  Being that I can check the amount of time spent on the different skills as well as how many skills are attempted and completed correctly, students are expected to work diligently for the whole time to ensure getting as much practice as they can.  If computer access is an issue for any family, just let me know and we can work out sometime for homework on nights we have IXL.  The same goes for if a family has computer access, but something impedes the student's ability to work (Log-On problems, computer freezing up, etc.)  It should be noted again, however, that the students will still have pencil and paper homework time to time, and that they will still have homework like spelling words each week.