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Christine Lackas

Classroom Information

We'd like to keep birthday celebrations simple and celebrate in class by giving a birthday shout out or singing "Happy Birthday." Please do not send any snacks, as our district policy is discouraging this, due to the increasing number of food allergies. Also, please don't send in any party favors or toys, as they can be very distracting to learning.
We will be having an afternoon break and snack each day. Your child is welcome to bring a healthy snack to eat during this time. I encourage you to send a water bottle to school for your child to use throughout the day. We do our best learning when we stay hydrated. Please make sure it is a sports top/no-spill bottle that may stay at his/her desk.
Classroom Wish List
A BIG thank you to everyone who has donated items to our classroom! It is greatly appreciated! Items that we still need and will continue to need throughout the school year are:
*Hand sanitizer
*Snack-size Ziploc bags
*Quart-size Ziploc bags
*Gallon-size Ziploc bags
*I-Tunes Gift Cards
*AA Batteries