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Mary Hurwitz

I am excited to announce that we are trying some new things new this year. One of the things we will be doing is participating in the Timberwolves Fitness Challenge. This is put on by the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team and is a way to encourage students to stay active. Students will receive a sheet of paper in which they will keep track of their activity levels. For each 15 minutes of movement (raising their heart rates), they earn one point. They will have a little over a month to try to score 75 or more points. When it is time to hand it in, I will let the Timberwolves know who has made their goal. Each of those students will receive a prize and a free child admission to a Timberwolves game (with a paying adult). Once at the game, students will receive a SECOND prize and will get a chance to go down to the court to shoot a free throw.
*We are waiting for a digital copy of the tracker for the challenge. We will push it out to families as soon as we are able. We appreciate your patience as we wait for the Wolves to send us the information.
Another exciting opportunity we are working on is to have a roller skating unit. We are trying to secure a grant to help with the cost. If things go right, we will be able to let students roller skate for two weeks. I will keep you informed as we continue to try to work on funding this unique opportunity. So far this year, students have had a chance to practice body control. This is always a challenge after a long summer. Students forget how to play in smaller areas and the amount of room they need to move safely in that area. We have also been working on soccer skills and will soon begin football skills. The fourth and fifth graders will begin their fitness testing in the next week or two. They will complete a sit-up test, a push-up test, a sit-and-reach test (for flexibility), and a PACER test for cardiovascular endurance.
Yes, it is conferences time again. My conference schedule can be seen below. If you would like to meet with me or have a phone conference and find the schedule below doesn’t fit your schedule, please feel free to contact me by phone (763) 745-5520 or email to set up a different time. Please make sure you contact me before you come so I can make sure I am available to speak to you at the time you desire.
Conference Times:
Oct. 4              3:15-6:15
Oct. 5              3:15-6:15
Oct. 10            3:15-6:15
Oct. 11.           3:15-5:15**
Oct. 17            3:15-6:15
Oct. 24            3:15-5:15
** Please note the change in my schedule due to a conflict.
Important: If your child has an injury or something that would hinder his or her participation in class, please remember make sure you send a note or contact me to let me know what happened. Many times children can participate in other ways, which allows them to stay a part of the group and will still keep them safe. Please also feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding things we have done in class or how your child is doing. I can be reached by phone at 763-745-5520, or you can contact me by e-mail
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