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Mary Hurwitz



Students are just completing their bowling unit. The first and second graders worked on placing the correct fingers in the holes of the ball and standing with their opposite foot forward as they rolled the ball down the lanes. They also kept track of their scores by writing the total number of pins that were knocked down after both rolls. The third graders worked on a two-step approach. They were also reminded of which fingers to put into the holes and used a real score sheet to keep track of their scores. They learned that the first roll was written outside the box and the second was written inside the box. They then had to keep a running total as they played their games. The fourth and fifth graders worked on a three-step approach but were also allowed to use more steps if that was more comfortable. They also learned the real system for scoring—what a spare was worth and what a strike was worth. At the end of the unit, the students will have an opportunity to play Moonlight Bowling and win “fabulous prizes”!


When we return from the winter break, the primary students will begin using long jump ropes and then transition to short jump ropes. The intermediate grades will play pillow polo. This is similar to floor hockey except the students will use sticks that resemble large “Q-Tips” and will try to hit a foam ball into a goal. Later in the month, all students will work on fitness using different methods. Students will have opportunities to go to different stations. Among the stations will be the XBox Kinect! This will sure be a student favorite!

Please remember if your child has an injury or something that would hinder his or her participation in class, make sure you send a note or contact me to let me know what happened. Many times children can participate in other ways, which allows them to stay a part of the group and will still keep them safe. Please also feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding things we have done in class or how your child is doing in physical education. I can be reached by phone at 763-745-5520, or you can contact me by e-mail




Mary Hurwitz