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Mary Hurwitz


And they’re off! Yes, it is another school year, and everyone is raring to go! After our first full week of school, students were given their squads (used for warm-ups, organization and choosing teams) and had a chance to learn to play tetherball and four square. Both games are available to them during recess.

There are a lot of activities planned for the school year. You can see what we plan to do by clicking on "Yearly Plan" on my website. Coming up right away is football. Students will learn to hold the ball correctly and throw it. Some students will delve deeper into punting and running routes. Our goal is to not only teach football skills, but to also teach basic information (names of positions, who does what, etc.) 

We will also be learning and practicing the fitness tests. These will consist of the PACER (an agility run), push-ups, sit and reach, and curl-ups. The curl-ups are done differently than traditional curl-ups.  With the new curl-ups, students slide their hands on the floor to a point 4” from their feet and then back down. There is a little more to it, and that will be covered in class. 

Next, we will be working on our soccer unit. Students will practice using their feet to dribble, shoot goals, and play various modified soccer games.

Stay tuned to hear more about what is happening in class!

I’d also like to mention that we have a new physical education teacher this year. Miss Teresa Thour is working part-time at Greenwood, as well as part-time at Birchview. You can ask your child which teacher he or she sees. 

Please remember if your child has an injury or something that would hinder his or her participation in class, make sure you send a note or contact me to let me know what happened. Many times children can participate in other ways, which allows them to stay a part of the group and will still keep them safe. Please also feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding things we have done in class or how your child is doing. I can be reached by phone at 763-745-5520, or you can contact me by e-mail 


Mary Hurwitz