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Mary Hurwitz



If you are interested in having a conference to see how your child is doing in his or her physical education class, my hours will be as follows:

Feb. 27           2:30-4:15     

Mar. 6              2:30-4:15       

Mar. 13           2:30-4:15       

Mar. 14           2:30-5:30     

Mar. 27       6:30-2:15 
Please make sure you contact me ahead of time so I can make sure the time you would like is available. You can contact me by phone (763) 745-5520 or by e-mail
Greenwood will be once again be getting ready for spring starting in March when we will begin our March into Fitness Event. Students will receive a March into Fitness calendar the last week in February. Then beginning in March, they will track their activity levels and their fruit and vegetable intake. Students will strive to be active for a minimum of thirty minutes each day and try to eat at least five fruits/vegetables each day. They will keep track of these on their March into Fitness calendars. in April, they can hand in these calendars to receive a prize. Even if students don't fill out their calendars every day,they are still eligible for a prize. Get the whole family involved! It's a great way to get back into a healthier lifestyle and get ready for spring. Look for the calendar to come home later this month.

After our bowing unit in December, 2014 started out a little crazy. With all of the days off we havehad, it has cut into some of the students’ time participating in ouractivities. We began with jump ropes for the primary students and pillow polofor the intermediate grades. Pillow polo is a game that is similar to hockeyexcept students use large “Q-tip” type sticks to hit a ball about the size of asize 2 soccer ball into a goal.

The next unit was FitnessActivities. This was a favorite. During the first week, students rotated to 17different fitness stations that worked both the upper and lower large muscle groups. They did various activities including squats, lunges, push-up, jumping rope, and curl-ups, among other things. We also added three electronic stations-two Kinect games and one Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). They were a huge it!  The following week we worked on learning about the circulatory system. The older students went more in-depth with the terminology and learned about resting heart rate, maximum heart rate and target heart rate. We also did an activity with the younger students to make them aware of the healthy things they can eat. This will be a great lead into our upcoming MARCH INTO FITNESS!


The primary students are now working with hula hoops and the intermediate studentsare using long and short jump ropes. Later this week, all students will begin an Understanding Differences Unit. Students will learn about people who have various physical and mental challenges. They will have opportunities to try activities without the use of various skills they normally use. The idea is to give them the feeling of what others may need to endure in their everyday lives.


Students in grades 2 & 3 will watch a program called “Count Me In” put on by PACERCenter. There will be puppets who have different disabilities and talk to thestudents about the challenges they face. They will also explain that while theymay do things differently than others, we all have the deep inside we are allthe same.

Later this month, we will begin the cooperative activities unit. Students will find that in order to accomplish their goal, they must work together. It is a fun unit in which students learn to listen and trust each other. They will also learn that encouraging others actually enables the group to work more smoothly and will allow them to become more successful.


Please remember if your child has an injury or something that would hinder his or her participation in class, make sure you send a note or contact me to let me know what happened. Many times children can participate in other ways, which allows them to stay a part of the group and will still keep them safe. Please also feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding things we have done in class or how your child is doing in physical education. I can be reached by phone at763-745-5520, or you can contact me by e-mail