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Course Registration Information

The 2017-2018 Registration Guide has been prepared to assist students in selecting courses for next year.
Courses must be entered online by logging into Skyward Student Access.
We offer a wide variety of diverse, challenging learning opportunities. Planning a high school program to meet your unique needs is a process involving many choices and decisions. Your success is important to us and the following suggestions may help you in this process:
  • Discuss your plans with parents, counselors, and teachers as they can provide valuable insight.
  • Select courses that will meet district and state graduation requirements as well as support future educational and career goals.
  • Participate in courses designed to satisfy current interests, curiosity, and the development of personal skills.
  • Employ as many resources within the school as necessary to assist you in planning an effective overall educational program.
As part of our ongoing commitment to provide a high quality education, we expect students to:
  1. invest their best efforts in their academic and co-curricular activities;
  2. accept responsibility for their learning, decisions and actions;
  3. treat staff and each other with respect.
We are proud and excited to have you as part of Wayzata High School!
What if a student has a schedule question regarding their courses?
Contact the Counseling Office at 763-745-6630 or 763-745-6631 to make an appointment with their counselor.