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Wayzata Empty Bowls

Thank you to our sponsors and patrons

Filling a bowl with soup for dinner seems such a simple task, but far too many people have neither the bowl, nor the soup and spend the evening listening to their hunger and wondering when they will have their next meal.
I have watched students at Wayzata High School grasp this concept for over 20 years and have been amazed by the level of talent these students achieve as they craft art bowls to raise money for hungry Twin Cities' residents. But I am also profoundly touched by the hundreds of patrons who arrive at our annual Wayzata High School Empty Bowls event to donate their time and money for this cause.
It is with gratitude and humility that I write this letter to thank those who came to our event this year and shared our company and table to help out those in need. But without our sponsors, and there were many this year, the event would not take place.
A very special thank you is deserved by the many local businesses that provided the meals, financial support and talent to make this year’s event the most financially successful the school has hosted in the last 22 years.
This year’s event raised more than $9,000 to benefit Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners and its fight against hunger in the Twin Cities. This year’s success is due in no small part to the contributions made by Allegra Print and Imaging; At Last Gourmet Foods/Dunn Brothers; Breadsmith; General Mills; Great Harvest; Lunds; Minnetonka Center for the Arts and contributing artists; Minnesota Clay; Noodles; Olive Garden; Ridgedale Mall; Sunset’s; WHS Administration; Wayzata Bar and Grill; WHS alumni pottery intern Arlo Hanson; WHS pottery students, their families and friends; WHS pottery alumni; WHS YES staff and students.
Your contributions have made it possible for many residents to know when their next meal will be, promoted the arts among our children, brought together our community for a good cause and instilled in me another moment of awe and respect as I watched a simple lump of clay transform into a bowl, then a meal and finally into a community of love and nourishment.
Nancy Hanily-Dolan
WHS pottery instructor
Need to get to a soccer game? Attending Moment in Time after Empty Bowls? Buy your tickets now using our online purchase feature. The night of the dinner step-up to the will-call table, grab your tickets, and you will beat the ticket lines and have plenty of time to browse the "bowl room" and the silent auction before having dinner. Please, try it out!
Empty Bowls
Jordan Yasmineh, senior, Graphic Art & Design 3
Wayzata High School has hosted an Empty Bowls event for over 20 years. The event is held on a Thursday night in May on the same evening as the school's "Moment in Time" choir concert. The event benefits Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners (IOCP) and its fight against hunger in the Twin Cities. In the 20 years WHS has held the event, Empty Bowls has raised over $70,000 for IOCP.
For the suggested donation of $10, each bowl chosen by the patrons, is filled with steaming soup and a piece of bread. Students work with throughout each year to create nearly 1,000 hand-made bowls from donated clay. Patrons of the event have always found the bowls to be collectibles and the students inscribe the bowls with the artist’s name and the date of the event.  At this year's dinner, additional fundraising for Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners occurs with a silent auction and WHS's Alumni Art Festival. The auction features art works donated by WHS students, teachers and community artists. At this year's dinner a silent auction of Art work will be held at 5:30 and 6:15.  Items will be posted on this page a week in advanced.
Would you be willing to donate an item to the silent auction? As a donor, you will be credited as a contributing artist and your artwork will be showcased on our website. If interested, information about donating and details are posted on our website.
The Wayzata High School’s Alumni Art Festival is a free to the public and will take place in the cafeteria during the Empty Bowls dinner. The event is dedicated to expand the appreciation of Visual Art education within Wayzata Public Schools by the promotion and the sale of WHS alumni artists’ work.   The selected Alumni that will be selling their work at this year's dinner have asked to participate with this event by donating to the silent auction and the WHS Visual Art Scholarship established in memory of Jill Stoll.  Please stop by their booths to welcome them support these young artist and welcoming them back to our community.
Tickets can be purchased online, at the IOCP office in Wayzata, the WHS activities office, the second floor office at WHS and the CES office at Central Middle School, as well as at the door on the evening of the event.