• Classroom Information
    4th Grade, Kimberly Lane Elementary
    Michele Stinson

    Assignments/Homework Book

             At the close of each day your child will fill out their Homework Book.  They will write down all assignments, even if it is already completed.  They will place a  check mark next to completed assignments. Each day the homework book needs to be initialed by an adult at home.  It is a great way to communicate between home and school.  Feel free towrite any notes or comments to me.  The students’ homework books are checked each morning.

                If assignments are missing, I will write a note in the homework book.  When a student is missing more than two assignments, they will need to stay in for recess. 


    Book Orders

                Book orders are sent once a month except during the book fair months. Please send a check with your child’s order.  There is also an option to order on-line.  Our class activation code is DXCPCJ.



    We will have special activities for the day before winter break, Valentine’s Day, and the end of the school year. We are also happy to share in birthday celebrations.  Kimberly Lane no longer celebrates birthdays with a food treat. Families can participate in the birthday book program through the Media Center or bring in a non-food treat for the class.  We will celebrate ½ birthdays for summer birthdays.


    Contacting Mrs. Stinson

                If you need to contact me, call 763-745-5686 or michele.stinson@wayzata.k12.mn.us


    Language Arts--Reading, Writing, and Spelling


             Our Language Arts Curriculum was developed from and is based on Minnesota and National Standards.  We will be using the Reading Street Series from Scott Foresman Publishing Company.  Scott Foresman provides teachers with a main story, small leveled readers, and activities to assist with instruction.  By reading a variety of genres, the students will learn vocabulary and comprehension strategies. We will learn about grammar and types of writing while doing various writing projects. 

    There are extensive opportunities for students to write in Language Arts, as well as in other subject areas. The units of study are opinion, informational and narrative.   Students are taught both handwriting and word processing/computer skills.

                Fourth graders will also participate in the Accelerated Reader program. This program enables students to read books at their reading level and then complete a comprehension test on the book. The tests are taken on the computer weekly with books from the reading series.  Students are required to pass two Accelerated Reader books each month, one book for a specified genre along with a book report and one additional book of their choice.  I will send home print-outs quarterly which will show your child’s progress. 

                Students are expected to spend a minimum of 20 minutes of reading for 20 days in a month.  The calendar is homework.


             Fourth graders will be using the spelling component of the Reading Street program.  Each unit includes a list of 20words grouped according to a shared spelling pattern and 5 challenge words.   All students will take a pretest on Monday to help focus their studying and the final test is taken on Fridays.  A spelling page will be sent home on Friday and is due on Wednesday.     


    We will be using Traditional Zaner-Bloser cursive handwriting.  There is an enclosed hand-out that models the correct letter formation.

    The Language Arts goal for students is that they become independent learners, able to extend their learning in all areas by using reading and writing skills.


    All students in kindergarten through fifth grade are using Everyday Mathematics (also called Chicago Math).  This program has been developed by the University of Chicago.  Chicago math teaches all math skills through out the year.  Students develop number strategies and concepts as they identify patterns, estimate and check,calculate, measure, and use various manipulatives like money, clocks, rulers,scales, graphs, and calculators.

                This math program is accompanied by Math Study Links which help to keep you informed of the concepts and strategies that are currently being taught and practiced in the classroom.   Study Links will be sent home the same day that the lesson is taught.  They should be checked with someone at home and returned to school when completed with a parent signature.  At the end of each unit, your child will be given an assessment which will be sent home after it has been corrected and discussed.  Computation timed tests (mad minute) will be done on the iPad.  Each student will progress at their own level.  Practicing math facts is a great homework activity.

                Students will also utilize the IXL math on-line program. This is a comprehensive math practice site.  The computerized site gives more challenging problems when students are successful or easier ones if they are struggling.  I am then able to follow each student’s progress as reports are forwarded to me.  Families will have access from home to practice. IXL is assigned weekly for a total of 30 minutes. 


    Unit 1   Naming and Constructing Geometric Figures

    Unit 2   Using Numbers and Organizing Data

    Unit 3   Multiplication and Division

    Number Sentences


    Unit 4   Decimals

    Unit 5   Big Numbers, Estimation, and Computation

    Unit 6   Division

                Map Reference Frames

                Measures of Angles

    Unit 7   Fractions and Their Uses

                Chance and Probability

    Unit 8   Perimeter and Area

    Unit 9   Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

    Unit 10 Reflections and Symmetry

    Unit 11 3-D Shapes, Weight, Volume, and Capacity

    Unit 12 Rates



    Science units involve “hands-on” activities in the physical and natural sciences.  Our 4th grade required units are:  Water Properties, Matter and Energy, Magnetism and Electricity, and Earth Materials. Ideas and Inventions and the Human Body are optional kits. These inquiry based units offer activities where students use science process skills. There are investigations and observations.  Information is recorded and communicated through drawing detailed pictures and/or writing descriptive sentences in a science journal.  Our focus is with hands-on.

    In Health, our curriculum is called The Great Body Shop. In it we focus on healthful life skills, and we also include Basic Aid Training.  Great Body Shop units:

    *Community Safety                          *Be Cool, Keep Clean

    *Let’s Talk Teeth                              *Stay Drug Free

    *The Digestive System                     *All About HIV

    *No Smoking!                                   *Your Incredible Hearing Machine

    *It’s My Body                                   *Exercise


    Social Studies

             Students study geography, history, government and regions of the United States.  Another important part of our Social Studies curriculum is the use of the Classroom Atlas.Students complete a map for each state. Fourth graders will also learn current events through Time for Kids.

    Daily Events

                *Morning Work


                 *Language Arts (Reading,Spelling, Writing)

                *Lunch/Recess/PLC Time

                 *Read Aloud


                 *D.E.A.R. (Drop Everythingand Read)



                District and building information is electronic.  Also electronic will be your child’s newsletter (Kid News) explaining events of the week.  Kid News is sent on most Thursdays or Fridays.



             If you are going to pick up your child after school, please be sure to write it in the Homework Book/Assignment Planner. Remember to sign your child out in the office when you come to pick them up.  Students are not allowed to ride home on another child’s bus.


    School Hours

                Our school times are9:10AM-3:50PM.  If you need to get an urgent message to your child during the day, please call the office and they will get the message to the classroom. Because I am teaching during the day, it is not always possible for me to get to my voice-mail or e-mail before the end of the day.  Therefore, I may not be able to get the message to your child.


    Snack Break

                Students will have a snack break each morning.  Food items should be healthy in nature and peanut free. I ask that students do not share snacks and only bring snack for themselves.  Remember snack is optional.


    Specialist/Lunch Schedule

    Lunch and recess are from 12:40- 1:20.  Families do have the opportunity to have lunch with his/her child.  There are white tables set up on the perimeter of the cafeteria.  Only your child can eat with you, no friends. 

    Day 1 Art 10:15
    Day 2 Music/PE   9:15
    Day 3 Spanish
    Day 4 Music/PE 11:15
    Day 5 Technology