3rd Grade Art

    The Art Curriculum is designed to give art teachers freedom to deliver the curriculum in a personalized manner, while ensuring all elementary students throughout the district learn the same information. There are 4 Units, or Learning Target Packages, all students will experience in 3rd Grade, which include the following:
    • Ancient Civilizations: Students will be learning about art from three Ancient Civilizations including Egypt, China and Greece, and will be learning about these civilizations in Social Studies as well. They will learn about cultural symbols and create art inspired by the civilizations.
    • Minnesota Native American Artwork: After exploring traditional Minnesota Native American designs students will create a 3-dimensional artwork that incorporates traditional designs.
    • Alma Thomas: Students will be learning about Alma Thomas and the artwork she creates, and then will create an artwork inspired by her. They will be choosing a color scheme with emotion, using nature as their inspiration and create a title for their artwork.
    • Elements Representation: After exploring the Elements of Art in 1st and 2nd grade, students will apply their knowledge by creating an artwork representing the 7 Elements of Art: line, texture, color, value, shape, form, and space.
    Additionally students in all grade levels will create art on a computer or iPad and will also create a 3-Dimensional artwork.
    Process & Product
    The Art Curriculum works to balance the process of creating with the final product, by focusing on the Create Process Map created by The Perpich Center for the Arts.
    Visual Literacy
    Visual Literacy, or the ability to ‘read’ an artwork, begins in first grade and is used in all levels of the Wayzata Art Curriculum. Visual Literacy includes Visual Analysis and Critique, and focuses on student’s making their own meaning by noticing, making connections, connecting feelings, analyzing, questioning, interpreting and speculating.