Wayzata High School/Lake Conference Behavior Expectations

  • Basic Fundamentals of Human Respect, Sportsmanship, and Acts of Conduct:
    1. Know, understand and appreciate the rules of the contest.
    2. Show respect for the officials, players and fans regardless of school affiliation or ethnic, racial or religious background.
    3. Maintain self–control at all times.
    4. Be in appropriate spectator areas.
    Acts of Misconduct:
    1. Uses of improper noisemakers – examples: compressed airhorns, whistles, cowbells, firecrackers, etc.
    2. Use of inappropriate banners and/or placards.
    3. Throwing of objects – examples: coins, pop cans, folded programs etc.
    4. Use of obscene or abusive language that seeks to offend, intimidate or show prejudice toward a player, official or spectator.
    5. Being on the premises of a contest while under the influence of alcohol or chemicals
    6. Unauthorized entry into any scheduled contest

Minnesota State High School League Behavior Expectations

  • Article of Incorporation 102.00 of the Minnesota State High School League Official Handbook, states that this corporation is organized for the following educational purposes: To elevate standards of sportsmanship and to encourage the growth of responsible citizenship among the students, member schools and their personnel. To this end, the Minnesota State High School League Board of Directors adopted five behavior expectations at the June 13, 2005, Board of Directors Meeting. These five behavior expectations are the minimum expectations, that are expected of everyone, at every Minnesota State High School event. The behavior expectations are the result of the student sportsmanship summit that was held on May 18, 2005
    1. Respect our flag and National Anthem.
    2. Use Appropriate Language: No profanity, negative chants, booing, trash talking, or name calling.
    3. Respect Everyone - Treat each person the way you would want to be treated. Personal attacks and taunting are unacceptable.
    4. Respect the Game - Do not interfere with it.
    5. Display only positive signs and do not use noisemakers.
    Please visit the Minnesota State High School League's "Team Up for Sportsmanship" website for more information.