• 1939-1949
        23 wins, 45 losses, 3 ties (.338)
    "As World War Two approached Wayzata became a city with locally provided jobs and retailers that provided all of a family's needs... During the war, wooden 8-man boats built in Wayzata were used by American soldiers to cross Europe's many rivers, and dairy farming became a large local activity. At war's end these farms became many single family housing sites and two car garages, which soon became the standard, made their appearance."
    "In 1936, a football field, especially designed to give the best service, was dedicated. In 1938, lights were added to the field."
    1939: Coached by J.M Odanovich, "the boys were overwhelmed by the superior reserves of the larger schools." (Record: 1-4-2)
    Classes are held at Widsten School on Rice Street (the current site of Wayzata City Hall). During the 1939 season, the senior class has 68 students.
    1940: "Victories: two; despairing losses: six." Senior class size: 71.
    1941: Coach Paul Nordstrom, 1941-43 (2-14-2). "One of the many chalk talks [Coach] gave."
    1942: Senior class size: 57. "Practice started with eight lettermen and approximately 40 others on hand." (Record: 1-5-0)
    1942: "A worm's eye view as the Wayzata squad goes into a huddle."
    1943: Senior class size: 51. (Record: 1-5-0)
    1944: The Trojans are outscored 6-109 in an 0-6 season. Head Coach George Anderson is 2-9-1 in two seasons (1944-1945). Coach George Anderson (right) and Halvor Widsten (left)
    1946: Wayzata defeats Hopkins for the first time in eleven years. (Record: 3-3-0)
    1947: Coach Bud Crowningshield's "XYZ Formation" leads the team to second place in the Lake Conference. (Record: 6-1-0) Senior Class Size: 63.
    1948: Ten days before "Dewey defeats Truman," Ken Quast -- an eighth grader -- scores the winning TD in an upset over St. Louis Park before "over 5000 fans." (Record: 6-1-0) Senior class size: 97.
    1949: The WHS Band entertains. "Crowded conditions prevented them from playing at basketball games." (Record: 1-7-0)