Tremendous Community Support

  • Education is highly valued in the Wayzata Public Schools community and residents are willing to support their schools in many ways. There is a strong partnership between the schools and the community, which yields great benefits for our students. Here are just a few ways that community support is demonstrated in Wayzata Public Schools:
    • Residents of Wayzata Public Schools consistently support referendum levies including the passage of operating levy and technology levy renewals in 2009, by nearly a two-to-one margin
    • School volunteerism is off the charts with literally hundreds of parent and community volunteers in our schools every day to assist students and staff
    • Parents and community residents willingly to share their expertise on district committees and advisory councils that provide solid advice to guide the operations of the district
    • Numerous school parent organizations and booster groups directly support each district school and many co-curricular and extracurricular programs
    • The Wayzata Public Schools Education Foundation and area businesses provide financial support for student and staff activities
    The community involvement and support in Wayzata Public Schools is an essential key to the district’s ongoing success. Working together, the district and its residents have been able to create, sustain and grow a school district that serves the best interests of the community and our students.