Parent Information for Student Attendance

  • Student coming in late - bring a note to the greeter.
    Student leaving early - bring a note to the alpha office.
    Student absent all day - Skyward Family Access (preferred) or Automated Attendance Line at 763-745-6655
    Please choose one or the other, there is no need to do both.
    Please allow a minimum of 2 hours during the school day to process your request
    Skyward Family Access and the Automated Attendance line cannot accommodate last minute requests.
    All other attendance questions can be directed to your floor office attendance paras directly.
    A-Hal: Teju Sanil, 763-745-6718
    Ham-Or: Desha Ozell, 763-745-6927
    Os-Z: Debi Wiese, 763-745-6709
    ALC: Betsy Lovisolo, 763-745-6949
    All other office related, non-attendance related questions can be directed to your floor office secretaries directly.
    A-Hal: Stacy Segal, 763-745-6706
    Ham-Or: Ann Brattain, 763-745-6707
    Os-Z: Bryan Vasquez, 763-745-6710
    ALC: Besty Lovisolo, 763-745-6949
    Compulsory Attendance Rules and Regulations
    Research has consistently proven that there is a direct relationship between attendance and punctuality and academic success. At WHS, we strongly support that belief. The following attendance rules and procedures are intended to provide for the reasonable and customary needs of students to be absent from school, and the necessary authority for the school to regulate the attendance of its students. The school acknowledges the right and responsibility of the parent/guardian to report absences, but retains the legal prerogative to classify all absences in accordance with these rules. Therefore, parent reported absences may be deemed unverified if the absence fails to meet the definition of a verified absence as described on the following pages (see Classification of Absences).
    Note: State regulations regarding school funding require all schools to withdraw any student absent for fifteen consecutive days, regardless of the reason.
    Please refer to the current Student/Parent Guide for further information on all rules and regulations, policies and procedures, student activity information, important dates, etc.
    All students receive a copy of the Student Parent Guide/Planner at the beginning of the year.