T.A.P. (The Alternative Program)

  • General Information
    T.A.P. provides credit opportunities for 11th and 12th grade students. It is a credit-based program designed to meet the diverse needs of students who may struggle in traditional learning settings. Students learn through individualized study plans and apply that learning toward completion of high school graduation requirements or personal academic goals.
    The program emphasis of T.A.P. is to provide a supportive academic environment based on a partnership between students and staff. However, students are expected to take primary responsibility for their own success and are allowed varied opportunities to suit different learning styles.
    Selection Criteria
    Students must meet criteria established by the State of Minnesota (MS 124D.68 Subd. 2) for admission into an Alternative Learning Program. Students are selected for T.A.P. on a case-by-case basis through application and interview process.
    Courses Available
    Communications, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Technology Education, Business Education, Art and/or Music, Math, Science, On-the-Job Training and Work Experience.
    Students interested in T.A.P. should contact their school counselor to begin the application process.