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    The purpose of Vision 21 is to provide complex and challenging learning opportunities for students exhibiting outstanding academic abilities in the areas of Math and/or Reading. This program seeks to augment the regular curriculum through unique learning opportunities both within and outside of your child’s classroom. Vision opportunities provide a foundation for productive inquiry and stimulate lifelong learning.
    Identification is based on a student’s demonstrated need. The goal is to serve those students that are academically different from their peers. A criteria of vision and classroom teacher observations, teacher recommendations, parent observation, and reading and math assessment scores will be considered. Acknowledging that young children develop and manifest their abilities and talents at different rates, the group of students receiving services may vary from year to year.
    The following Vision opportunities will be provided:

    *Differentiated activities (academic appropriate activities) pursued within the regular classroom. Teachers, together with Vision staff, will collaborate to ensure that students demonstrating a need for advanced academic work will find their regular classroom assignments challenging and exciting.

    *Enhanced math curriculum . Groups will develop higher level problem solving strategies. Service provided by Vision teacher.

    *Language Arts class which emphasize accelerated multi-disciplinary experiences. Activities offered will be challenging allowing students to demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills related to a variety of content areas. Service provided by the Vision teacher.
    Identification criteria: In Grade 2 - 5 - Reading & Math
    1. Cognitive Abilities Test - Screener (gr 2) Full CogAT (gr 4)
    2. MAP 
    3. Staff Input
    Identification Process Time Line
    1. Students in grades 2 – 5 will take the MAP test.
    2. Identification team will meet and consider all relevant data.
    3. Identification is determined.
    4. Students identified will receive a letter about placement.  All scores will be available on family access in late December.
    Vision 21 service for newly identified will begin in late December.
    Services Minutes (pull out)
    Language Arts – two 45 minutes sessions per digital week
    Math – two 45 minutes session per digital week
    Service will start late September.  First grade service will be integrated and the schedule will be determined workshop week.