Welcome to the Wayzata Leadership Academy!

  • The Wayzata Leadership Academy (WLA) is a community of student leaders dedicated to promoting a positive school culture by upholding Wayzata's slogan of "Character and Scholarship for Life," and being role models for their peers. The goal of our group is to intentionally and purposefully promote and develop character and leadership qualities in our students.
    WLA was formed several years ago to ensure our high academic standards go hand in hand with strong personal ethics. Students are nominated to be part of advisory groups that meet before school and take on projects such as our anti-bullying campaign, promoting our five pillars around the school and marketing ideas for people to commit to greater actions of character. The five pillars are Relationships, Respect, Responsibility, Ethics, and Awareness.

    Pillars of Success 

    Pillars of Success
    The Wayzata Leadership Academy has created the Pillars of Success to help students achieve character and scholarship for life.
    Build and sustain positive relationships using
    • Conflict Resolution Skills
    • Interpersonal Communication
    Be appropriate and respect self, others, authority, and surroundings
    Taking responsibility by
    • Taking ownership over decisions, actions, and behaviors
    • Following through with commitments
    • Leaving a positive legacy
    Making ethical decisions by
    • Being honest and having integrity
    • Using problem solving
    • Being aware of the impact of actions
    Strengthening Cultural Awareness by
    • Being inclusive
    • Understanding frame of reference