Summer Test Out/Test In

  • Wayzata Public Schools, in accordance with the guidelines of the Minnesota Department of Education, has established a process for students to satisfy the requirements of a course through Credit for Assessment. Successful completion of this process allows students to take a more rigorous course of study. In order to satisfy the academic standards for the Credit for Assessment, the student must make arrangements to “test out” of a course. The student must take all assessments required by the specific department. Successful completion of this process requires the student demonstrate 85% proficiency on the given assessments.
    Wayzata Public Schools currently offers Summer Testing options in Wayzata High School World Language classes; Wayzata High School Physical Science; Wayzata High School AP Biology Test In; Wayzata High School Accelerated Algebra and Accelerated Geometry. There are additional opportunities for middle school students to test into Accelerated Math 7, Accelerated Math 8 or to Enriched Physical Science. Please read below for additional details.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Due to construction at the high school testing will take on a slightly different look this year and we may not be able to meet everyone’s needs. Testing for math and science will take place at Wayzata Central Middle School, please see schedule on the math or science web pages. World Language testing will be at the high school.
    Who is eligible?
    All students are eligible, with the exception outlined in the second to last bullet.
    When is registration?
    March 1 –June 3
    Where do I get information, locate books, and find the test dates and location?
    What if a student is gone during a test date?
    Make every effort to attend the original date.
    World Language – Make-up dates are only for students who are on vacation or ill the day of the exam. Please schedule a make-up time through Allan Christopherson ( and Carrie Berg (
    Science – please attend the make-up date, if there is one. If the student is sick the day of the test or there is not a make-up date then please contact Allan Christopherson (
    Accelerated Math 7 and Accelerated Math 8 – Students will have one comprehensive assessment to complete on one of the three test dates.
    Accelerated Algebra and Accelerated Geometry – there are 10 possible test dates. The student may take the tests in any order, therefore giving the student ample opportunity to test over a 2 month period
    In all three departments, there will not be an opportunity to re-test if the student is not satisfied with the exam grade.
    When do students get their test scores back and when do they know their overall grade?
    Results from World Language and Science Tests will be emailed to parents on or before the release date. Results from the series of math tests will be posted to Family Access.
    Can they see their tests?
    No, tests are not available for students or parents to view.
    Do they get credit for this test out?
    Middle school students: No, after the exam is complete, if the student has earned an overall test score of at least 85%, the scheduling office will place them in the next level of math.
    High school students: No, after all unit exams have been completed, if the student has earned an overall test score average of at least 85%, he/she will receive a “T” (Test Out) indication on the transcript and will be registered for the subsequent class. It is important to note that while the student will have satisfied the requirement for the course(s) in which they have demonstrate proficiency, the course will not be calculated in his/her GPA, nor will actual high school credit be earned toward graduation.
    What if my child does not pass with an 85% average?
    If the student has not earned an overall test score average of at least 85%, no indication will be made on the transcript and the student will remain in the originally scheduled class for the coming school year.
    What about 6th and 7th graders currently in Accelerated Math?
    Only current 6th and 7th graders who have not been in Accelerated Math will be allowed to participate in this test into opportunity during the summer. This will give them the opportunity to access all math courses we offer. 6th and 7th grade students who are in Accelerated Math have access to all math courses and cannot test out at this time. If they choose, they can test out of a course the summer after 8th grade.
    What is Math Prep?
    Students who have registered for the summer math test out will be sent information about Wayzata Community Education’s Summer Math Prep. This is only for students who have registered for Test Into Accelerated Math 7, Test Into Accelerated Math 8, Accelerated Algebra and Accelerated Geometry.
    What is AP Biology Test In Prep?
    Students who have registered for the AP Biology Test In will be sent information about Wayzata Community Education’s AP Biology Test In Prep Course.

Summer Test Out/Test In Documents