• Touching Lives Chemically Free
    The Trojan Leadership Council is an organization dedicated to promoting a chemically free lifestyle for the students of Wayzata High School.  Knowing alcohol and drugs are widely used today, we have our work cut out for us.  Yet, many youth are alcohol and drug free and that message needs to be promoted all throughout the school community and beyond.  TLC will promote leading a positive and healthy lifestyle and give you the opportunity to develop lifelong leadership skills.
    Student perceptions are important when making decisions to use substances or not.  If perceptions are inaccurate and don't match reality, that's a problem.  We need to change that to insure our students are safe and having the best high school experience ever.
    You Can Be a Positive Influence in the Lives of Others
    We all need support from others from time to time.  As a student at Wayzata High School, you may be in position to help someone you care about that is having problems with drugs/alcohol.  What can you do?
    • Talk to them when they are sober.
    • Never accuse, but do express your concern.
    • Talk about your feelings and how you are worried.
    • Give specific examples of behaviors that you have seen that concern you.
    • Be prepared for denial and anger.
    • Offer help and that you will be there for them.