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Overview of Assessments in Wayzata Public Schools

Standardized Assessments
Standardized Assessments are tests that are given outside of the curriculum and instruction process. They are typically purchased from a test vendor and provide normative comparisons at the national or state level. The timing of the administration of assessments is more closely related to the school year calendar and program decision-making timelines, than to the pacing of the curriculum and instruction in the classroom. They are used to measure student progress toward meeting grade level standards, predict performance on state accountability tests, triangulate data for program decisions, screen students for remediation or enrichment, and identify relative strengths and weaknesses in district curriculum and instruction practices to inform professional development and curriculum resource decisions.
Wayzata Public Schools administers several standardized assessments to monitor student academic achievement, academic growth, and preparedness for college and career goals. Some standardized assessments are accountability tests mandated by the state and are used to measure student attainment of Minnesota Grade Level Standards, school/district effectiveness, and student readiness for MN State College and University courses. Other standardized tests are purchased by the district and are administered to inform educational programming and instructional decision-making. There are also standardized tests administered in the district that inform students, parents and staff on student progress toward national college and career readiness standards.
State Accountability Tests
Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA)
Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS)
District Standardized Tests
Grades K-2
Illinois Snapshots of Early Literacy (ISEL)
Observation Survey (OS)
Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Text Level
Grade 2 Word List
Grades 2-8
Measures of Academic Progress (NWEA-MAP)
Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)
National College and Career Readiness Tests
ACT plus Writing
Advanced Placement (AP) Subject Tests
For more information about Standardized Assessments, contact Demae DeRocher, Research and Evaluation secretary at
District Common Assessments
District Common Assessments are assessments that are directly linked to the curriculum taught in the Wayzata Public Schools. They are based on academic standards and are typically developed by teacher teams within the school district. They are necessary to implement the district curriculum with fidelity, and to report progress to students and parents on student mastery of academic standards (e.g., report cards).
For more information about District Common Assessments, contact your child's teacher.