• Below is information about non-profit and school groups’ special events, programs and activities that may be of interest to families in our community.
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Group/Organization Eligibility for Community Postings

    • The requesting entity must be a local Non-Profit Organization, Wayzata Public Schools Parent Group (including PTA/PTO and Boosters), or Wayzata Public Schools Student Organization.
    • Information shared must be an offer of student opportunities to enhance students' achievement and wellness and/or support Wayzata Public Schools programs and opportunities.
    • Information will not include any reference to political views.
    • If the group/organization meets all eligibility listed, a link to that group/organization will be provided on the district's website under Community Connections.
    Groups/organizations meeting these criteria can send their PDF document, contact information, organization name, and title of the flyer to Andrew Hagen, communications specialist, at andrew.hagen@wayzata.k12.mn.us. Any questions can also be directed to Andrew by email or by calling 763-745-5017.