Parent and Community Involvement

  • Parents are recognized as a child's first and most important teachers. Parent involvement is welcomed and encouraged in all district schools.
    In addition, Wayzata Public Schools enjoys outstanding community support — which is one of the cornerstones of our educational excellence.
    There are many ways to get involved and stay informed —we've compiled just a few of them here. We invite you to check them out and contact Amy Parnell, director of communications and public relations, at 763-745-5068 or by email at with any questions you may have.
    Getting involved in district decisions
    Staff and community involvement in decision making is a trademark of Wayzata Public Schools. Each year parents, students, staff members, and administrators work side-by-side on site councils and district committees to set goals and recommend action items.
    Business and Community Partnerships
    The community's involvement in Wayzata Public Schools extends well beyond the walls of the school buildings. District partnerships with area companies provide students valuable opportunities to learn more about the world outside of the classroom.
    For more information or to get involved, contact Alison Nisbet at Wayzata High School at 763-745-6638 or by email or Amy Parnell, director of communications and community relations, at 763-745-5068 or by email at
    In addition, several community organizations work tirelessly to support Wayzata Public Schools and the families we serve. Click on them below to find out more.
    PTA & PTSO Opportunities
    PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) and PTSO (Parent, Teacher, Student Organization) are very active in many areas of school, providing volunteers for school and classroom activities, sponsoring parenting seminars and family events, and lending financial assistance for programs that enhance the learning environment.
    Get involved with the Legislative Action Committee
    The Legislative Action Committee is an opportunity for residents to work with district representatives to keep legislators informed of the district's needs and accomplishments. Before each legislative session, this committee develops a legislative platform for the district that is then approved by the school board and presented to local legislators.
    Read the 2013 Legislative Platform, which was adopted by the school board in December and guides the efforts of the LAC for the 2013 legislative session.
    For a complete LAC resource guide, download the Citizen Advocacy Toolkit.
    Go to the Legislative Action Committee page to find your local legislators, see updates on the committee's work, contact LAC steering committee members and sign up for their eNewsletter.