• Partners for Healthy Kids

Connecting community leaders. Improving the lives of kids.

  • In an effort to encourage collaborative partnerships and avoid duplication of services between schools, public agencies, and other organizations serving kids and their families, the 1993 Minnesota Legislature approved legislation that led to the creation of 47 family services collaboratives in the state of Minnesota. We are one of those 47 collaboratives. Our partners serve kids and families in Wayzata Public Schools.
    We have three primary functions:
    • Facilitating Collaboration: Bringing community leaders together to learn from and educate one another about existing needs and services and to work collaboratively to develop innovative programs, services, and delivery models.
    • Funding: Manage the distribution of federal funds generated through the Local Collaborative Time Study (LCTS) to local entities serving kids and their families. This includes managing a process for the agreement, review, and awarding of funds.
    • Administration: Administering the school district’s participation in the LCTS.
    Did you know?
    • For the first 20 years of our existence, we were known as Communities in Collaboration Council (CICC).
    • Wayzata Public Schools is one of our partners. It also serves as the fiscal agent and provides administrative services.
  • Serving kids and families in the Wayzata Public Schools.