• Stress Busters

    “Sweeping away student stress one surprise at a time!”

    Stress Busters is a group of caring parent volunteers who want to reduce the stress and pressure our high school students experience. Our mission is to reduce the stress of the entire Wayzata High School student population through random surprises/day brighteners which let students know we understand and care, while simultaneously strengthening our connection as an entire school community there to support each other. A typical Stress Busters event is during exam week when stress levels are even higher. We greet students on their way into school in the morning with open doors, smiling faces, positive words, and provide a surprise to brighten their day! From granola bars to mints to notes of encouragement, each Stress Busters surprise lets our students know we are there, we care, and they are supported! In addition, we have therapy animals visit several times each school year. Studies have shown interaction with animals provides sensory stress relief and other physiological benefits.
    We have over 3,400 students and cannot do this without your support. We are in need of volunteers and funding. We thank you for considering a contribution of product, service, or monetary donation; any amount is helpful!
    Please make your check payable to WHS Stress Busters and send to:
    Wayzata High School
    Attn: Stress Busters
    4955 Peony Lane N.
    Plymouth, MN 55446
    To volunteer or if you have any questions please contact weitz01@comcast.net.