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Personalized Learning & Interventions

The primary function of the Office of Personalized Learning & Interventions is to support academic achievement initiatives. The general leadership and facilitation responsibilities of this office are to support academic programs (pre-k through 12), ensure equity compliance with state and federal laws, support translation needs in the schools, create and facilitate parent and community partnerships to support increased student achievement, investigate and seek resolution to community concerns, and/or formal complaints related to equity, manage state and federal grants for the district to support teacher growth and student achievement objectives. In addition, this department assists district staff in maintaining learning environments where all students with a wide range of capabilities, learning styles and interests can master the state standards and achieve at proficient levels in the areas of reading, writing, social studies, mathematics and science. This department serves as a critical liaison between the district and its diverse community populations; working to promote racial, ethnic, linguistic and cultural understanding and productive partnerships, as well as provide leadership and management to all district equity and integration initiatives and supervises the following programs/functions:
  • Academic Intervention
  • Gifted and Talented Program
  • Counseling
  • Summer Learning Academy
  • Alternative Learning Centers
  • West Metro Education Program (WMEP)
  • The Choice is Yours Program (TCIY)
  • Early Childhood Entrance Option
  • Targeted Services