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Wayzata Public Schools Keeps Growing

Wayzata Public Schools has been and continues to experience significant resident student growth. To address this growth, we have established a process to help us best manage our growth to meet students' needs.

Fast Facts

  • New housing developments in the north are being completed 2-3 times faster than originally planned by developers due to consumer demand.
  • There is also steady growth in the south due to housing turnover bringing in young families.
  • If current housing trends continue, the district can expect approximately another 1,000 new students K-12 by 2019.
  • Even though we opened Meadow Ridge Elementary in fall 2016, made boundary adjustments to right-size all our elementary schools in fall 2016 and will open an addition to Meadow Ridge in fall 2018 - we still need to add capacity at the elementary level to accommodate resident student growth.
  • While we have capacity issues at the elementary level, projections show we have adequate space at the middle schools and high school through at least 2030. This is due to the recent expansion of Wayzata High School and moving early childhood programs out of Central Middle School to make space for middle school students.

Growth Task Force Recommends New Elementary School

A Growth Task Force, made up of parents and community members, was named to study the data and make a recommendation to the Wayzata School Board about how best to manage our growth to meet students' needs. The Task Force met during January to review: history, building capacities, current and projected enrollment, development plans for cities in the school district, results of a districtwide housing study and other relevant data.
After meeting four times and reviewing extensive data, the Growth Task Force presented a recommendation to the School Board at their February 13 meeting. Specifically, the Growth Task force recommended, "Due to our continued robust growth, the members of the community Growth Task Force believe that a new elementary school needs to be available as soon as possible." The Task Force also recommended that the Board maintain smaller class sizes districtwide and look at equity of facilities across the district.
The Board will include the Task Force's recommendation to build a new elementary school and their additional input into the comprehensive review of districtwide facilities needs currently underway. The recommendation will also be included in the overall budget review that will take place this spring. The Board will likely wait until the legislative session is over to finalize any funding requests of district residents.

Keep Informed

Watch for more information as the process continues. Send any questions to Thank you for your support of our students, our schools and our community!

Press Releases


In the News

Wayzata School Board prepares for district growth – Lake Shore Weekly, February 23, 2017

Growth Task Force Membership

Kristin Nordstrom, Pre K
Allison Storti, Pre K
Brian Combs, Birchview
Cara Thompson, Birchview
Betsy Gambach, Gleason Lake
Scott Stoltenberg, Gleason Lake
Heidi Pearson, Greenwood
Brent Scheil, Greenwood
Megan Nuthals, Kimberly Lane
Deepak Thakker, Kimberly Lane
Page Fleeger, Meadow Ridge
Rahul Jhavar, Meadow Ridge
Sarah Amelotte, Oakwood
Andrew Tibesar, Oakwood
Kevin Fruechte, Plymouth Creek
Divya Raman, Plymouth Creek
Scott Aldrich, Sunset Hill
Tobi Tombers, Sunset Hill
Jill Perrigo, Central Middle School
Meredith Speier, Central Middle School
Derek Diesen, East Middle School
Rebecca Malmquist, East Middle School
Venkata K Potti, West Middle School
Nira Rajan, West Middle School
Susan Hilel, At Large
* several parents also have students in multiple schools including WHS