• Mission Statement 
    The mission of the Wayzata Public Schools Building and Grounds Department is to provide a safe, comfortable and clean environment for students to learn and staff to work. Districts assets will be protected by maintaining our facilities in their most original condition, while continuing to improve the facilities’ functional abilities in order to keep pace with the changing needs of the building occupants.
    The Wayzata Public Schools Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for more than 1.6 million square feet of facilities that include eight elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school as well as its Central Services Facility, District Administration Building, Education Services Center, ice arena, dome, several maintenance buildings and outdoor high school stadium. The department is tasked with cleaning and performing maintenance to the interior, exterior and equipment of the district's facilities.
    The department’s grounds responsibilities include maintaining the district's 400 acres of land through maintaining and landscaping of athletics fields, lawns and playgrounds; snow removal at all building sites; bituminous repairs in parking lots; concrete repair; and exterior electrical maintenance.
    In addition to the maintenance of facilities and grounds, the department is also engaged in ongoing special programs including the following: energy conservation; composting; recycling of building materials; training on new equipment and safety procedures; capital building projects; maintaining district mapping program and blueprint filing system; researching and writing bids for projects; deliveries to buildings; researching more efficient and economical methods and products to provide services; and warehousing district supplies and equipment.

Health and Safety

  • Wayzata Public Schools health and safety coordinator is tasked with maintaining federal and state standards for health and safety in the district. The health and safety coordinator oversees the development of plans for indoor air quality management, asbestos abatement and pest control materials, playground inspection, OSHA required training program, recycling of hazardous materials and electronic devices and reporting of district related injuries.

    IAQ and Asbestos
    The district has developed plans for indoor air quality and asbestos abatement. More information is available concerning the plans on this site or by contacting district Health and Safety Coordinator.

    Pest Control
    Wayzata Public Schools uses a licensed, professional pest control service for the prevention and control of rodents, insects and other pests in and around district buildings. The program consists of:
    • Inspection and monitoring to determine whether pests are present and whether any treatment is needed
    • Recommendations for maintenance and sanitation to help eliminate pests without the need for pest control materials
    • Utilization of non-chemical measures such as traps, caulking and screening
    • Application of EPA-registered pest control materials when needed
    The long-term health effects on children from the application of such pest control materials, or the class of materials to which they belong, may not be fully understood. All pest control materials are chosen and applied according to label directions per federal law.


  • The district’s 1.6 million square feet of facilities maintained by the buildings and grounds department includes the following:
    • Birchview Elementary
    • Gleason Lake Elementary
    • Greenwood Elementary
    • Kimberly Lane Elementary
    • Meadow Ridge Elementary
    • Oakwood Elementary
    • Plymouth Creek Elementary
    • Sunset Hill Elementary
    • Central Middle School
    • East Middle School
    • West Middle School
    • Wayzata High School and Stadium
    • District Administration Building
    • Education Services Center
    • Central Services Facility
    • Central Middle School Dome and Ice Arena
    • District Maintenance Buildings

Energy Conservation Initiatives

  • Wayzata Public Schools Buildings and Grounds department strives to be a conscientious steward of resources by exploring and implementing energy conservation initiatives. The department has targeted conservation efforts for electricity, water and natural gas through education, routine energy management inspections, reduction of use, installation of energy efficient equipment and participation in the high demand/load reduction programs with electric and gas utilities. At the top of the plan is the district’s web-based Building Automation System (BAS), which schedules, monitors, alerts and controls the status of temperature, lighting, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and operation of equipment remotely throughout the district.
    In an effort to save costs and energy use, the district has been involved with ongoing lighting improvements to reduce electricity usage. The district has been engaged in retrofitting fluorescent lights in its buildings to lower energy usage. In addition to these improved fluorescent lights, the department is switching to Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) when possible and installing Light Emitting Diodes (LED) in parking lots and buildings. Buildings and Grounds staff also regularly educate staff on the benefits of shutting of lights in empty rooms, closing blinds, shutting down and unplugging equipment during unoccupied times. These devices and efforts conserve energy, they also save the district hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in energy costs.
    The buildings and grounds department’s effort to conserve water includes the installation of low-flow devices in bathrooms and kitchens as well as automated faucets and flushers. The district’s two main athletics fields are turf, which require no water usage. Lawn and smaller field irrigation systems include rain sensors to control water usage. Buildings and Grounds routine energy management inspections also function to catch and control water leaks throughout the district as they are discovered.
    Natural Gas
    The district hedge funds the purchase of natural gas to ensure low costs despite market fluctuations. By purchasing a percentage of its natural gas for the year in the summer months, the district is able to take advantage of lower prices to heat the buildings in the winter. The district has developed and is working on a plan to install more efficient boilers in its buildings. Eight high efficiency boilers have been installed as part of this plan to date. Natural gas use in the district is directly monitored by the district’s BAS to ensure efficient use throughout the buildings. All district boilers are dismantled, cleaned, inspected and adjusted on an annual basis by buildings and grounds staff to maintain peak and efficient performance.