Why Wayzata?

  • Plymouth Creek Classroom
    The decision of where to send your children to school is one of the most important decisions any family will ever make. We believe that choosing Wayzata Public Schools – because many families have told us – will be a wise decision and one that will greatly benefit your children and your family.
    Wayzata Public Schools consistently demonstrates its excellence in many ways and parents and community residents see and appreciate the high quality of the district. In a recent community survey, 93 percent of parents and community residents rated the quality of education provided by Wayzata Public Schools as excellent or good, with 75 percent giving an excellent rating. Our district’s school board, administration, teachers and staff members work extremely hard to provide outstanding learning opportunities for students, and we are proud that the community recognizes what we provide for our students.
    The continuing excellence of Wayzata Public Schools can be defined with the following:
    Learn more about how and why these five factors help define the excellence of Wayzata Public Schools.