• The teaching and learning department is based at the Education Service Center and led by Dr. Jill Johnson, executive director of teaching and learning. The department is responsible for overseeing the entire educational learning program, including developing the curriculum taught at each grade level, assessments, diversity education, the district's gifted education program (Vision 21), professional development, integrating technology into the classroom, and teaching cultural proficiency.

    Focus of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

    Developing 21st Century Literacy Skills
    In the 21st Century, learners will need to adapt to continual and rapid change, problem solve using multiple information sources and innovative thinking, work in a diverse world, interact fluently in a technological world, and be ready to learn skills for jobs that are yet to be created.
    Dr. Jill Johnson
    Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Personalized Learning & Interventions
    Fax 763-745-5092
    Shelly Nelson
    Director of Curriculum and Instruction
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    Brad Anderson
    Alternative Compensation Supervisor and Curriculum Support, Vision 21
    Lauri Peterson
    Fax 763-745-5092
    Dr. Stacey Lackner
    Director of Research and Evaluation
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    Demae DeRocher
    Research & Evaluation Department Secretary
    Personalized Learning & Interventions Secretary
    Cheryl Warzeha
    Testing Technician