West Middle School Profile

  • WMS

    149 Barry Avenue North
    Wayzata MN 55391-1012
    Phone 763-745-6400
    Principal Dave Lutz
    Student Day 9:10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Enrollment Approximately 790 students
    School Website www.wayzata.k12.mn.us/wms
    West Middle School has a long, interesting history. It was originally Wayzata Junior/Senior High School from 1951 to 1961. From 1961 to 1963 it was Wayzata Senior High School and then Wayzata Junior High from 1963 to 1968. It was West Junior High from 1968 to 1997 and has been West Middle School since 1997. West is located at the intersection of Barry Avenue and Wayzata Boulevard in Wayzata.
    In alignment with the district's strategic plan, West Middle School is committed to preparing each and every student to excel today and thrive tomorrow, while instilling a passion for learning. In an effort to foster a more personalized model of education, 1:1 technology devices (iPads) are now provided to middle school students.
    Middle school students are placed on a core team where they take math, science, health, communications or language arts, and social studies, history or geography. Students are also required to take three years of physical education and three years of music.
    In addition, sixth grade students take a semester of Spanish, one quarter of Engineering, Technology and Design (ETD) and one quarter of art. In seventh grade, students take a semester of Spanish, one quarter of ETD and one quarter of Family and Consumer Science. In eighth grade, students have the opportunity to pursue a more in-depth study by selecting two of these four offerings in a semester-long course.
    In addition to the standard curriculum, all Wayzata middle schools offer services for students with special needs, as well as Vision 21— a curriculum for gifted and talented students.