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Security Improvements Coming Next Fall

Wayzata Safe
We are excited to implement new technology in our school offices to improve security for students and staff. Currently, there are multiple systems being used by our schools to monitor and check in visitors to the building. Systems include everything from swiping state IDs, to paper and pencil logs.
Work has begun to phase in a new unified visitor registration system that will be used in all of our schools starting next fall. This new system will require visitors who wish to enter a school building during the school day to swipe their state ID. The system will produce a visitor badge with the date, location of event or meeting and their name and photo. In addition, the system will check against registered sex offender databases. Once parents and other visitors have swiped into the system once, they will be able to sign themselves in at a quick access kiosk.
Please be assured that the new system will retain very minimal data, including first and last name, date and birth and the photo on the ID. It will not retain drivers license numbers or other personal information. No information will be shared with other agencies, and other databases such as driving records will not be checked.
For more information about the visitor registration system please see the following FAQs.
Why is the district implementing a new visitor registration system?
We recently completed secure entries on all of our school buildings. This is the next phase to control access and know who is in our schools.
Where will the new visitor registration be used?
The system will be implemented in all 13 school buildings from the Wayzata Early Learning School through Wayzata High School.
When will I be asked to wear a visitor badge?
Visitors will be asked to wear a visitor badge on school days during school hours.
What if I don't have a Minnesota drivers license?
The system can scan state ID cards, passport ID cards, and drivers licenses from all 50 states. A passport with a photo and birth date can also be manually entered.
What information will be shared?
None. No information from IDs will be shared.
What information will be retained by the system?
We will only store first and last name, date of birth, and the photo from the drivers license or ID card.
What if I have a DUI or parking ticket, will school staff know?
No. The system does not check those databases, only registered sex offenders.
What if I have a common name and there is another person with my name who is a registered sex offender?
Staff will be able to compare the photo and other information to identify if there is a false positive.
What if I forgot my drivers license?
Depending on if you have registered your license in the past or the number of times you have forgotten your ID, you may be asked to wait in the office for your child to come to you, or asked to volunteer or visit at another time when you have your identification.
If you have additional questions please contact Kristin Tollison, director of administrative services, or learn more about the new visitor registration system by clicking here.