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Information from Culinary Express

Effective Tuesday, May 14, 2013, students must have money in their account in order to purchase a lunch or à la carte items. Parents are still able to deposit funds into their student’s lunch account through June 5. Students who do not have money in their account will be offered an alternate sandwich (such as peanut butter & jelly or a cheese sandwich) and a carton of milk until their account balance is at a positive balance.
The cost of a full-price lunch is $2.50 for elementary school, and $2.85 for secondary schools. A reduced-price lunch is $.40.
How do you check a student’s balance? There are 4 ways to do this:
  • If you are set up with your child’s balance is updated every evening on the site. You can set up low balance reminders to be emailed to you, as well as check balances on the site.
  • At the elementary schools, watch for the red stamp on your child’s hand.  This is usually done when they have 3 meals or approximately $7.00 left in the account.
  • Your child may ask the cashier for the balance.
  • Call the manager at the site and ask what your child’s balance is. Please do not call during lunchtime; they are busy serving lunch. If you call in the evening, leave a voice mail with your return phone number.
If you leave funds in your student’s lunch account over the summer it will be available in the fall when school opens.
Thank you for your cooperation as we finish out this school year.
PayPams Information – Summer 2013
  • Balances will be updated for the summer on the last day of school – June 5. You will not be able to make payments on the PayPams system from June 6 to August 15.  However, accounts may be accessed during this time to verify balance information, etc.
  • If your student is transferring to a new building, the PayPams account will be updated with the new school information. If you check your PayPams account, the balance may show zero during the transition time.
  • PayPams does not process refunds.  If a refund of a student balance is needed, please send an email to
  • PayPams suggests that all system users log into their account during the summer to verify the following information:
    • For all users: the low balance reminder email and credit card information is current
    • Discover or Mastercard users: to check the automatic payment limits, and make sure the payments have been turned off for the summer – check the ending date.
  • Email reminders are turned off for the summer.
  • If you have an account set up on PayPams and can not remember your password – please contact PayPams. There is a link on the Home Page of PayPams to send you a reminder. Do not set-up a new account.