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"Clickers" in the Classrooms

Could you imagine a district where all learners are actively engaged and participating in classroom assignments and discussions? What if data, feedback and learning were immediate and both the instructor and the learner could adjust as a result of that data? We are doing this in Wayzata schools today and will expand our use of “Clickers” or SRD’s in the classroom, so that we can begin to understand how to create a learning system built on successful ideas, positive outcomes, and current practices in education.
While our journey continues towards personalized education for all our students, SRD’s have already had an impact. Our students are more engaged than ever before. The simple fact that all students are participating in answering questions that check for understanding and assess progress is creating a unique culture in which students cannot hide from their teachers. In classrooms across our district, teachers are collecting up-to-the-minute information on whether their students understand what has been taught. Teachers are meeting in Professional Learning Teams (PLT) to discuss data and create strategies about how to meet the needs of all students in their learning and achievement. In addition, SRD’s are helping our teachers become more agile at responding to the needs of their students in an efficient and effective way.
Starting in the Fall of 2011, Wayzata Public Schools will begin providing a Turning Point Student Response Device (SRD) for all students in grades 3-12 and a digital RF receiver to each trained educator. This will mean that all students and teachers will be equipped to participate in formative and summative assessments using the devices. Adaptations may be needed for students with disabilities who due to their physical needs may require adjustments to the standard use.
Students in elementary will have an assigned device in their classroom. Students in the middle and high school will be responsible for their own device. They will be assigned the device through the district asset management program. If the device is lost or damaged there will be a $38.00 fee charged to the student/family to replace the device. 
The district is grateful to provide this opportunity to its teachers and students. We believe this program will impact student achievement and continue Wayzata Public School’s excellence in providing a more personalized education to your student.