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WHS Synch Swim wins state

The Wayzata High School synchronized swim team won its sixth consecutive state championship on May 25.
The team placed first in 11 of the 15 events and scored 155 points. The team took 22 routines to the state meet this year and 21 of these routines earned points by placing in the top seven. This is the first team in Wayzata High School’s history to win six consecutive state championship titles.
In addition to the team victory, several individual first-place awards were earned by WHS swimmers including:
Meta Nagel and Grace Spencer
First place in short duet
Colleen Donlin and Hannah Ogren
First place in long duet
Amanda Urke
First place in extended solo
Haley Ruegemer and Amanda Urke
First place in extended duet
Madalynn Ebert, Meta Nagel and Elisabeth Pate
First place in short trio
Colleen Donlin, Lucy Liu and Trisha Morrison
First place in long trio
Colleen Donlin
First place in long figures
Katrin Ree, Haley Ruegemer and Ruth Schaefer
First place in extended trio
Amanda Urke
First place in extended figures
Lydia Boike, Colleen Donlin, Morgan Foote, Kaitlyn Haller, Lucy Liu, Trisha Morrison, Hannah Ogren and Emily Turnquist
First place in long team
Paige Muncy, Katrin Ree, Ruth Schaefer, Samantha Snidarich, Laurel Streed, Amanda Urke and Haley Ruegemer
First place in extended team
Two students were also named All-State athletes and include Amanda Urke, Haley Ruegemer.
Team members of the WHS synchronized swim team include the following: Seniors Abby Hirsch, Nicole Kullback, Ellie Magnuson, Kathleen Poppendeck, and Laurel Streed; juniors Morgan Foote, Mara Halvorson, Gillian Mangan, Paige Muncy, Ruth Schaefer, Samantha Snidarich; sophomores Lydia Boike, Kaitlyn Haller, Breanna Johnson, Trisha Morrison, Emily Turnquist; freshman Maeve Andrews, Abbie Daws, Amy Erickson, Katherine Myers, Meta Nagel, Sonia Neculescu, Leah Novik, Elisabeth Pate, Caitlin Plate, Claire Poppendeck, Katrin Ree, Haley Ruegemer, Katie Stover, Amanda Urke, Elliet Yngve; Eighth grade students Kylie Crystal, Colleen Donlin, Madalynn Ebert, Brianna Herbert, Karin Leland, Lucy Liu, Samantha Moline, Hannah Ogren, Avery Pierce, Miranda Roberts, Saumya Venkateswaran, Madison Wikman; seventh grade students Natalie Claiborne, Shelby Diesen, Magdalena Leali, Paige McLaughlin, Caroline Muske, Claire Reid, Daria Snidarich, Grace Spencer, Brittney Torguson and Anna Vanorsow.
Team captains are Kathleen Poppendeck and Laurel Streed. The team is coached by head coach Signe Hensel and assistant coaches Ali Bodin, Natalie Bodin, Rachel Hoffart, Ali Palm and Ann Rushfeldt.