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7th Grade Immunizations

This is a reminder that there are required immunizations for students entering 7th grade and if your student does not have documentation of all of the needed vaccines, this documentation must be provided to your school's health office before August 1, 2014. These requirements include a booster immunization for:
  • tetanus and pertussis (known as a Td or Tdap and given after the 7th birthday);
  • a second dose of measles, mumps, and rubella (known as MMR);
  • a second dose of chickenpox vaccine or medical documentation of the chickenpox disease;
  • the Hepatitis B series; and
  • a new, required Meningitis vaccine.
The requirements may be waived for medical reasons or if you are conscientiously opposed. However, written and notarized proof is required. Information and forms are available on the Health Services section of the District website by clicking here or in the school office. Please provide the necessary information to the school's health office before August 1 by fax at the appropriate number listed below. If there are any questions, you may contact your school’s nurse or health paraprofessional.
Central Middle School Irene Merz, RN, LSN, CNP Denise Tauer
  District Nurse, 763-745-6619 Health Paraprofessional, 763-745-6015
  Fax: 763-745-6091  
East Middle School Angie Dubbs, RN, LSN Dani Emry, RN
  District Nurse, 763-745-5746 Health Paraprofessional, 763-745-6215
  Fax: 763-745-6291  
West Middle School Lynda Lankford, RN, LSN Michele Freng
  District Nurse, 763-745-6451 Health Paraprofessional, 763-745-6415
  Fax: 763-745-6491  
Thank you for helping us obtain the state mandated immunization records.